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Current challenges in laboratory automation

PhenoMATRIX™ TAG and Colibrí™ for a faster workflow of the management of urine specimens

April 19 • P1790

A. Roché1, G. Teissier1, R. Fournier1, T. Bayol1, P. Mion1, J. Bayette1

1) Département de microbiologie de Labosud, Montpellier, France

Background: LABOSUD’s department of microbiology manage more than 1000 urine samples per day. PhenoMATRIX™ (expert system of the WASPLab® solution combining plate reading algorithms and clinical information from LIS system) was installed in June 2018 for the management of clinical urine specimens. In July 2019, PhenoMATRIX™TAG and Colibrí™ were added in synergy to the initial configuration. PhenoMATRIX™TAG permits to tag isolated colonies (pick point) on the image for Colibrí™ workflow. Colibrí™ automatizes the picking of isolated colonies and allows the preparation of MALDI-TOF targets, microbial suspension for antimicrobial usceptibility testing and inoculation of purity plates.

Materials/methods: A qualitative study was performed on 699 clinical urine samples positive to E. coli to determine the capabilities of PhenoMATRIX™ TAG to select vailable isolated colonies on CHROMID®CPSE Elite incubated 16h into the WASPLAB™. Number of plates was evaluated with 0, 1, 2 and ≥ 3 colonies tagged on the image. A quantitative study was realized on 91 positive E. coli plates by measuring the time spent by an user for the assignment of pick points without the implementation of PhenoMATRIX™TAG.

Results: Among the 699 results, 96.4% (n=674) images were marked with pick points. 91.4% (n=639) were displayed with more than 3 pick points, 2.4% (n=17) with 2 pick points and 2.6% with 1 pick point. The remaining 3.6% (n=25) not tagged plates represented high concentrated isolates without any available colonies. Regarding the quantitative study, average time for picking assignment before the implementation of PhenoMATRIX™ TAG was 25.8 seconds.

Conclusions: The performance of PhenoMATRIX™ TAG allowed to tag automatically 91.4% of the plates with more than 3 pick points, saving an average time of 1h10 min per day. In addition, the high precision of Colibrí™ for the picking of the colonies enabled the suppression of the purity plate for the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing. Thanks to the traceability, reproducibility, accuracy of the combined artificial intelligence and Colibrí™ system, the diagnosis of urinary tract infections to E. coli is completely automated with a high level of confidence.



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