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Diagnostic aspects of non-flu respiratory viruses

The clinical application of BIOFIRE® Respiratory Panel in children with acute respiratory tract infections

May 18 • P3685

F. Pan1, H. Zhang1

1) Shanghai Children’s Hospital, Clinical laboratory, Shanghai, China

Background:  The BIOFIRE® Respiratory Panel (BIOFIRE® RP) can reliably and rapidly identify viruses and bacterial pathogens. This study is to evaluate the performance and clinical significance of BIOFIRE® RP in children with acute respiratory tract infections (ARTIS).

Materials/methods: A total of 90 nasopharyngeal secretion (NPS) samples from children with ARTIS were enrolled. The BIOFIRE® RP assay for 17 pathogens and direct fluorescence assay (DFA) methods for 8 pathogens were performed to analyze these samples. Clinical data of all patients was also collected and evaluated.

Results: Among the 90 samples, 58 samples (64.4%) were positive for 13 pathogens by BIOFIRE® RP and 18 positive samples were detected with multiple-virus (31.3%, 18/58). Human rhinovirus/enterovirus (21.0%, 17/58) were predominant pathogen, followed by adenovirus (18.5%). Higher proportions of various pathogens were identified in the infant and toddler (0–2 years) groups with human rhinovirus/enterovirus being mostly virus. Adenovirus were common in the group aged 3–5 years, but only three pathogens including M. pneumoniae, respiratory syncytial virus, and adenovirus were also found in age group (6-14 years). Among 58 BIOFIRE® RP positive patients, there were no significant difference in length of hospitalization stay, hospitalization cost, use of anti-virus, rate of secondary infection, and clinical outcome between single organism and multiple organism group (P>0.05), but significant differences were in antibiotic prescription and use of hormone (P<0.05).

Conclusions: This study demonstrated that BIOFIRE® RP can provide the rapid detection of respiratory virus and atypical bacteria for children, especially with severe respiratory tract infections.


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