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Bloodstream infections: fast diagnosis using molecular tools

The comparison of the rapid blood identification results within/after 8 hours from positive signal of blood culture bottle

May 18 • P0191

H. Jin Kim1, K. Tae Choi1, M. Koo1, J. Wan Kim2, S. Hoe Koo1

1) Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon, South Korea
2) Dankook University Hospital, Cheonan, South Korea

Background: The BIOFIRE® Blood Culture Identification (BCID) Panel is a test for the rapid identification of major pathogen/organism groups that are main causes of sepsis and for detection of three antibiotic resistance genes by using a multiplexed PCR assay. The accuracy for the BCID Panel is assessed only for tests within 8 hours of positive blood cultures. However, in practical situations, it is often necessary to perform BCID tests after 8 hours of positive blood culture. Therefore, we conducted the evaluation of the BCID after 8 hours of positive blood culture, as compared to the tests within 8 hours of positive blood culture.

Materials/methods: We tested BCID Panel on 141 samples (67 within 8 hours, 74 after 8 hours from positive signal of blood culture bottle) from patients hospitalized in a tertiary hospital in Korea. The bacterial identification and antimicrobial sensitivity of all samples were confirmed by VITEK2 as reference method.

Results: Fifty-eight (within 8 hours) and 63 (after 8 hours) samples were analyzed, except for samples with bacteria which were not in BCID Panel. The agreement of results of BCID with VITEK2; within 8 hours was 94.8% (55/58), after 8 hours was 92.1% (58/63), respectively. The discrepancies within 8 hours were 2 misidentification and 1 false negative for mecA gene. On the other hands, the discrepancies after 8 hours were 3 false negative for bacteria, 1 misidentification, and 1 false positive for mecA gene.

Conclusions: In this study, the BIOFIRE® Blood Culture Identification (BCID) test results performed after 8 hours of positive blood culture showed good performance compared to those performed within 8 hours. If necessary, BCID test after 8 hours may be helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of bacteremia patient.


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